AIGA San Diego, Y Design Conference (Y20)

Event Branding

The AIGA San Diego Y Design Conference is a national-caliber design conference hosted by AIGA San Diego. The Y Conference brings together industry thinkers, innovators and change-makers for two days of creativity and collaboration.

Team Credit:
Kate McCarthy (creative, design, and production)
Erin Dewey (creative, design, and production)
Alberto Lopez (motion graphics and video)
Fernando Campos (Y20 Commemorative Video)
San Diego AIGA, Y20 Archived Website


+  Brochure and Collateral System
+  Design Consultation
+  Environmental/Signage
+  Event Staging/Decor
+  Illustration/Graphics/Icons
+  Logo & Identity System
+  Motion Graphic/Video
+  Social Media Support
+  Website Design and Development