Stone Yard, Inc.

Identity Reinforcement & Product Sales Collateral

Manufacturing cast-stone furnishings is a full-time job. Add in custom design, retail customers, interior designers, contractors, and dealer requirements and you have a business that runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When founder Mitchell Brean asked us to assist in the expansion of its marketing efforts, Stone Yard had just expanded its product line to include many contemporary and custom pieces.

Our job was to capture and present the new works in a way that showcased their contemporary nature and novel carving and fabrication techniques. We developed the slogan “Live Artfully” in addition to handling all art direction of product photography. We devised a modular solution for the product catalog that allowed for easy expansion and use by its designers and dealers. The imagery we shot for the catalog was later translated into a direct mail and marketing campaign.

Marc Hedges (creative director, design, and project management)
Cody Small (design and production)
Mike Savacool (creative development – Live Artfully campaign)
Paul M. Bowers (product photography)

+  Brochure and Collateral System
+  Design Consultation
+  Direct Mail
+  Illustration/Graphics/Icons
+  Photography Art Direction
+  Product Catalog
+  Sales Materials
+  Website Design and Development