Create Magazine

Editorial Design & Layout

It’s not often that we get an opportunity to create editorial design. To be asked to do so twice for the same publication was a tremendous honor indeed. Create Magazine, a national publication serving creative professionals, asked us to contribute to its editorial pages—bringing to life the feature articles ‘Local Motion’ (which covered local San Diego motion graphic firms), and ‘Projecting the Future’ (spotlighting the local emergence of online video production companies).

For each piece, our editorial design and illustration style took its cues from the story. Create Magazine provided specific guidelines with layout considerations such as word count, number of pages, type usage, colors and printing procedures. Playing off the speed and visual movement of a train graphic and new film technology, we created two very distinct typographical and visual experiences for readers.

Marc Hedges (creative director, design, and project management)
Fabrizio Scippa (creative director and design)
Jorge Naranjo (design and illustration)
Marc Aguilera (color and output management)

+  Design Consultation
+  Editorial Design and Layout