Easton Sports

Product Catalog

We teamed with local creative group Bulldog Drummond to assist in the delivery of Easton Sports’ 2005 Hockey Catalog. Our responsibilities included product photography art direction, concept development and design, multiple language layout, and print production of the 80 page catalog. The creative direction followed the client initiative; to promote the latest carbon fiber technology and its application used by Easton Hockey.

The creative includes custom illustrations, color palate development, information architecture (charts & graphs), and typographical guidelines. To close out, we provided graphics and design support for the dealer binders and trade-show booth.


Marc Hedges (creative director, design, and project management)
Bulldog Drummond (contract partner)
Michael Chinn (creative and design)
Jiela Rufeh (product photography)

+  Design Consultation
+  Environmental/Trade Show
+  Illustration/Graphics/Icons
+  Photography Art Direction
+  Product Catalog