Flyboys Aeroworks, LLC

Logo, Brand Identity Development & Product Launch

Flyboys Aeroworks are a collective of Mechanics, Artisans, Apprentices and Engineers devoted to the restoration, reconstruction and conservation of World War II period aircraft and aircraft components. They specialize in restoring aircraft destined for static displays where authenticity without airworthiness is the exhibit’s objective.

Marc Hedges (creative director, design, and project management)
Michael Chinn (creative director and design)
Steve Stadwiser (website development)
David Colbert (copywriting)
Kikki Avila (digital marketing, SEO, PR)

+  Apparel/Wearable
+  Design Consultation
+  Direct Mail
+  Environmental/Signage
+  Illustration/Graphics/Icons
+  Logo & Identity System
+  Photography Art Direction
+  Website Design and Development