Museum of Photographic Art, San Diego

Exhibition Collateral & Way-Finding System

Despite a strong local presence, when the Museum of Photographic Arts (MoPA) reached out for help it suffered from a strong visual disconnect in its overall image. The inconsistency in MoPA’s image reflected negatively in the organization’s attempt to gain recognition and growth through membership, sales and marketing, and donation channels. The solution for MoPA was built on the organization’s reputation for presenting the full spectrum of the photographic medium.

To mark the first phase of MoPA’s new image development, we kicked off with the exhibition, ‘Picturing Eden.’ The goal, conceived and executed a comprehensive visual program including the exhibition announcement, environmental and wayfinding graphics, and a new MoPA membership brochure. Visual highlights include updating the original MoPA logo and typographical refinement, cross media color matching, and standardizing usage to support brand recognition. The exhibition was a great success and launched the next series of marketing initiatives which included templateing of the exhibition announcements for internal usage and design consultation for its website. We also provide the creative for the invitation and regeistration to MoPA’s Academy Awards Gala, a Oscar Night America event.

Marc Hedges (creative director, design, and project management)
Fabrizio Scippa (creative director and design)
Jorge Naranjo (design and production)
Marc Aguilera (color and output management)


+  Brochure and Collateral System
+  Design Consultation
+  Environmental/Signage
+  Event Announcement