For more than 2 decades MHC has been crafting logos and building identities for clients across a variety of industries. From naming, typography exploration, illustration, color development, and execution, we deliver logos that are on target and memorable.

Some of our client logos have been showcased in industry publications including HOW Magazine, Create Magazine, Logo Lounge Books, David E. Carter’s Big Book of Logos and Global Corporate Identities, and Graphic Design USA.

Over the past decade we’ve had the pleasure of working with Neyenesch Printers on a number of projects (theirs and ours). Founded in 1899, still family owned and operated, Neyenesch Printers asked us to help develop two community outreach campaigns (see below) and to assist them with their communication strategy as they transitioned their operations during the corona virus pandemic.

As a qualified essential business, Neyenesch Printers understood the challenging times ahead and the importance of remaining open to provide needed services all while ensuring a safe work environment for their employees. Our first initiative was to help create the company’s COVID response, delivered by email, to all Neyenesch Printer’s clients and distribution partners. It outlined the safety protocols that they’d follow to protect their employees, supply chain, and customers. We then kicked off the community outreach campaigns.

Love Your City Campaign (May-June 2020)

As most quarantined at home, the ‘Love Your City’ campaign aimed to spread positivity and remind people of the larger community that they belong to. Once the campaign direction and deliverables were solidified, the project momentum picked up. As the content and landing page were in development, Yomar Augusto, a local designer and artist, created a set of three limited-edition posters, featuring his custom typography overlaid on old San Diego map images. Utilizing social media and email, we drove user traffic to the website landing page that we created. Neyenesch Printers collected the user inquiries and doing what they do best—delivered, high-quality printing, giving away over 300 poster sets and encouraged donations to support the San Diego Food Bank.

“We got people to dream about all of the things they miss and can’t wait to explore once San Diego re-opens”. ~ Steve Burke, VP of Marketing

Gratitude Is Essential Campaign (Dec 2020-Jan 2021)

Neyenesch Printers may be an essential CA business, but they know that they didn’t come this far alone. The support of their clients, partners, staff, and community are all essential components to their success. To commemorate these relationships and the more than 120 years of service, Neyenesch Printers wanted to produce a high-quality printed piece that would be given out as a gift.

We conceptualized a set of six uniquely designed greeting cards that captured the essence of the campaign directive, to demonstrate that ‘Gratitude is Essential’. Unique digital printing techniques were applied that included: Opaque White, Dimensional Clear Coatings, and Metallic Clear Coatings, and all cards were wrapped up in a custom die-cut package. To further elevate the impact of the campaign, we asked local designers Allan Manzano and Michael Osborne to collaborate. They are the creative duo behind the ‘I Am Essential’ mask initiative that launched in the early months of the pandemic, to give needed face masks to essential workers throughout San Diego County and the region. There contribution added that extra special touch to the collection and more importantly, we came together to support each-other. As with the first campaign, Neyenesch Printers donated to the San Diego Food Bank along with encouraging others to give as well.

“At its heart, ‘Gratitude is Essential’ is about supporting the community that supports us. With this effort, we’re expressing our gratitude for people and causes we care about.” ~ Kandy Neyenesch, CFO/Owner


Each campaign ran for approx. 36 days. Neyenesch Printers experienced a bump of 600 users on the website to over 1,500 users, which is an increase in traffic of approx. 135%. They gained over 70 new Instagram followers and Story Analytics increased by an additional 2,000+ impressions (profile visits, website clicks, and replies).

Marc Hedges (creative director, design, & project management)
Angela & Cris Noble (WordPress development)
Jana Dennison (content dev/writer & social implementation – Love Your City)
Beth Geraci (content dev/writer – Gratitude is Essential)

Contributing Artist:
Yomar Augusto (Love Your City)
Allan Manzano (Gratitude is Essential)
Michael Osborne (Gratitude is Essential)

Urban Eats is a community oriented Gourmet Food Truck focused on Fresh Affordable Fare, delivering honest food using as many local ingredients as possible.

Marc Hedges (creative director, design, and project management)
Michael Chinn (creative director, design, and illustration)
Steve Stadwiser (website design and development)


Flyboys Aeroworks are a collective of Mechanics, Artisans, Apprentices and Engineers devoted to the restoration, reconstruction and conservation of World War II period aircraft and aircraft components. They specialize in restoring aircraft destined for static displays where authenticity without airworthiness is the exhibit’s objective.

Marc Hedges (creative director, design, and project management)
Michael Chinn (creative director and design)
Steve Stadwiser (website development)
David Colbert (copywriting)
Kikki Avila (digital marketing, SEO, PR)

Founded in 1980, Voices for Children, a private, nonprofit organization, has recruited, trained, and supervised thousands of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) who advocate for the rights and well-being of abused, abandoned, or neglected children who pass through foster care in San Diego County and (since 2015) in Riverside County.

Marc Hedges (creative director, design, and project management)
Fabrizio Scippa (design and production)
Claudia Reinert  (design and production)

Manufacturing cast-stone furnishings is a full-time job. Add in custom design, retail customers, interior designers, contractors, and dealer requirements and you have a business that runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When founder Mitchell Brean asked us to assist in the expansion of its marketing efforts, Stone Yard had just expanded its product line to include many contemporary and custom pieces.

Our job was to capture and present the new works in a way that showcased their contemporary nature and novel carving and fabrication techniques. We developed the slogan “Live Artfully” in addition to handling all art direction of product photography. We devised a modular solution for the product catalog that allowed for easy expansion and use by its designers and dealers. The imagery we shot for the catalog was later translated into a direct mail and marketing campaign.

Marc Hedges (creative director, design, and project management)
Cody Small (design and production)
Mike Savacool (creative development – Live Artfully campaign)
Paul M. Bowers (product photography)

The AIGA San Diego Y Design Conference is a national-caliber design conference hosted by AIGA San Diego. The Y Conference brings together industry thinkers, innovators and change-makers for two days of creativity and collaboration.

Marc Hedges (creative director, design, and project management)
Kate McCarthy (creative director, design, and production)
Erin Dewey (design and production)
Alberto Lopez (motion graphics)
Fernando Campos (Y20 Commemorative Video)
San Diego AIGA, Y20 Archived Website


Cleantech San Diego is a member-based trade organization that positions the greater San Diego region, including Imperial County, as a global leader in the cleantech economy. As a nonprofit organization, Cleantech San Diego is uniquely suited to support the industry by fostering collaborations across the private-public-academic landscape, leading advocacy efforts to promote cleantech priorities, and encouraging investment in the San Diego region.

Marc Hedges (creative director, design, and project management)
James Bowman (concept development)

Research Corporation of the University of Hawaiʻi’s (RCUH) source of business is from research and training projects supported by extramural contracts and grants to University of Hawaiʻi faculty. Other projects, generally supported by federal and private funds, are task ordered to RCUH by state departments, county agencies, and national and international entities. They also protect Hawaiʻi’s environment, contribute to family and children’s healthy development, increase knowledge of climate change, educate students, and bring other benefits to Hawaiʻi.

Marc Hedges (creative director, design, and project management)
Monica Hui Hekman (design and illustration)
Jorge Naranjo (design and illustration)
Steve Stadwiser and Adam Roop (website design and development)


American Metal Filter Company (AMFCo)— a manufacturer with more than 30 years experience making washable metal, air, and grease filters— was being challenged to remain competitive in an ever-changing global market. Tapping into AMFCo’s rich history and heritage as a veteran owned and operated business, AMFCo was rebranded under a new banner. By internal interviews and analyzing competitive research we helped AMFCo define its mission, vision, and values. The new identity system featured a illustrated bald eagle, representing and reinforcing the quality craftsmanship and high level of customer service provided. Re-organization of the product specifications and marketing materials were critical to delivering products to its retail customers, contractors and dealers.

The rebrand included a logo and identity system, color and typographical guidelines, product photography, copy writing, advertisement campaign, presentation material including a custom folder, product data and sales collateral, and a direct mail package that included a sample filter, T-shirt, and introduction to the company’s new position.

Marc Hedges (creative director, design, and project management)
Terry Parish (creative director and design)
Fabrizio Scippa (creative and design)
Jorge Naranjo (design and illustration)
Paul M. Bowers (product and location photography)